Black Storm 60x Auto Dark Bronzer Review

Black Storm 60x Auto Dark Bronzer Review



From the many auto dark bronzer solutions available on the market, Black Storm 60x is definitely the cheapest one that can be known as a professional product. Now, a lot of you will end up deterred because of the low cost, but as it turns out this actually is a impressive product and it provides with two very important benefits. First would obviously be the bronzing which is actually nothing short of amazing, considering which other products take ages to achieve the same shade of brown. Black Storm also provides amazing skin moisturizing action, which makes it the perfect product in case you are looking for a quick and healthy tan.

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One thing that sets Black Storm 60x apart from the rest is the Special components which promote the production of melanin by allowing more UV light to enter to the skin. This means that you can actually tan, while wearing fake tanner. This is revolutionary in the industry.

The Silicone formula glides onto skin keeping it constantly smooth and luxurious feeling.

The smell is actually awesome too. If you are not usually wearing a specific sort of cologne the smell which is actually given by Black Storm should probably be adequate, and that means you are conserving some money in this factor as well.

In summary I will only say that I have been very pleased with the results of Black Storm 60x and I am confident other people which have used this system have only positive items to report. So, I will only recommend Black Storm 60x Auto Dark Bronzerfor those of you that are trying to find a good tan that is possible to constantly achieve. Black Storm Review

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Black Storm 60x Auto Dark Bronzer Review

NASCAR driver Labonte terminates deal with TRG Motorsports

Friday, June 25, 2010 

On Tuesday, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Bobby Labonte ended his contract with TRG Motorsports because of the possibility of becoming a “start and park” racer because the team could not find sponsorship. Labonte said, “I just don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do the start and park thing.” The move became public earlier this week.

After leaving the team, Labonte will drive for Robby Gordon Motorsports in New Hampshire this weekend, then for Phoenix Racing for the following two events. Robby Gordon said Labonte may be able to race later in the summer, but for now it is a one race only deal. Labonte also stated, “We didn’t have the success that we really wanted, and kind of got to the point where Kevin was in a position that he was going to have to do some start and park races”.

Gordon hopes to have Labonte in the car for more races, so his team can learn from the former Sprint Cup Series Drivers’ Championship winner.


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Automobile, motorcycle, and electronic industries center at TWTC & TWTC Nangang

Thursday, April 10, 2008 

2008 Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (2008 Taipei AMPA), a trade show for the automotive industry, located at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang), opened yesterday and will continue until this Saturday April 12 with two concurrent trade shows for motorcycle and electronic industries at Taipei World Trade Center named Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei) & Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show (Motorcycle Taiwan).

The three main shows in different venues, highlighting key issues like the environment, energy-efficiency, and industry transformations. TAITRA held “AutoTronics Forum” and “Taiwan Automotive International Forum & Exhibition” in hopes of forecasting the future of the electronic and automobile industries. Yamaha Corporation put on the “‘Fi’ 5th-Stage Emission Standard Pavilion” to showcase the research achievement and solutions for the future standard of fifth-cycle.

Organising A Charity Dinner

By Dave Matthews

Anyone who has spent time planning and organising charity events will tell you what a time consuming, yet rewarding an necessary process it can be. A proven method for successfully collecting funds is by organising some sort of charity dinner event. There are several ways by which you can raise money from such an event as proceeds from entry tickets, event activities and donations can all be channeled to one or several worthwhile causes you are seeking to champion. If you organise your charity dinner successfully, not only will it raise plenty of money for a well deserving cause but it will also raise much needed awareness which in itself can instigate further fund raising events. If you are thinking of planning a charity event then here are a few useful suggestions to help you on the way.

The most obvious first task is for you to focus on the cause in hand. The reason for this is that if the goal is defined too generally then it may have less of an impact on those attending your event. To take an example, if your event was geared towards ‘poverty’ then you may want to define a specific cause to whom the even will dedicate it’s proceeds. People stricken by poverty in a particular region or country will be a more tangible cause than poverty as a general concept.

The next step is for you to choose a suitable venue. Your choice of location will depend greatly on the budget that you have available. Depending on the type of event and the number of attendees you will need to decide whether you wish to hire a venue such as a plush hotel ballroom which may attract the city’s big spenders. If your budget is restricting you to smaller venues then there will still be plenty of ways by which you can successfully raise money.

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Decide upon a running order for your evening that will keep people engaged. Usually this will consist of either entertaining and informative speakers, musical acts where appropriate and of course activities geared rewards raising additional funds towards your chosen charity.

The next aspect of your event to decide on is the catering. If you are likely to have a large number of people in attendance then a buffet could be the most realistic and cost effective option. If you are holding your event at a conference centre then they may well be able to supply facilities and staff for serving up food.

Send out invitations to as many people as possible who you feel would be interested in helping your cause. Again, if the event is likely to be large then you should take care of any marketing and invitations several weeks in advance. It can also be worth your while printing out fliers and posters in order to provide further coverage for your event. If your budget allows it, you may also wish to place a large colourful advertisment in a local paper.

When the event takes place, don’t forget to mix and mingle with those who are in attendance in order to promote the cause further. When it finishes, thank as many people as you can both verbally and in writing, especially to those who have donated the largest sums of money.

About the Author: Dave Matthews is writing on behalf of Owl Event Management, a leading UK

event management



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Internet security firm to donate revenue to charity after Anonymous protest of Westboro Baptist Church

Thursday, December 20, 2012 

Black Lotus Communications, which “prevents malicious traffic from reaching” websites, such as a Denial-of-service attack (DDoS), has announced their decision to donate revenue made from the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) to charity. The company has confirmed their intentions in a statement to Wikinews.

“We have received overwhelming support for donations to be given to various groups supporting the Newtown community, veterans groups like the Wounded Warrior Project, and LGBT groups like The Trevor Project”, said Jeffrey Lyon, Certified Information Systems Security Professional with the Black Lotus team, to Wikinews. Lyon also says The United Way may be the first charity to receive their donation. “We’ve not [yet] made a formal decision,” Lyon noted, but the company “supports all of these groups and will give very serious consideration in ensuring that our donations have a strong impact.”

The announcement comes after the internet activist group known as Anonymous called on the companies that host and protect the Church’s website to discontinue providing services to them after the Church announced their decision to protest funerals of those killed in the December 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. According to Lyon the company decided to donate revenue made from WBC to charity after, “‘Anonymous’ supporters began a full blown Twitter campaign boycotting any company who provides services to WBC.” Lyon also said the company, “reached out to Anonymous spokespersons and asked their opinions on how the matter should be handled.”

The attack on WBC has been dubbed ‘#OpWestBor’ on the social network site Twitter. As part of the operation, the Church’s website was defaced and taken offline for most of the day Monday. Twitter accounts belonging to Shirley Phelps-Roper, the Church’s spokeswoman, and leader Fred Phelps, were hacked and taken over by Anonymous. At the time of this report, both accounts were still under control of the group. Roper’s account has been under the control of Anonymous since early Monday morning.

On Sunday, in a video posted on YouTube, Anonymous announced their intentions saying, “From the time you have received this message, our attack protocol has past been executed and your downfall is underway. Do not attempt to delude yourselves into thinking you can escape our reach, for we are everywhere, and all-seeing, in the same sense as God. … We will render you obsolete. We will destroy you. We are coming.” As a result of the breach, Anonymous claims to have gained access to and leaked alleged personal information such as names, home addresses and telephone numbers belonging to Church members. On Wednesday, following the leak, Twitter suspended one of Anonymous’ most followed accounts ‘@YourAnonNews’, claiming, according to Anonymous, that the profile posted “private and confidential information” regarding the lawyer for WBC and Roper. The account was reinstated a short time later and that is when Black Lotus contacted Anonymous.

“As a security service, we value freedom of expression … and have mandate to guarantee passage of data across the internet, which ultimately means that companies like Black Lotus should not interrupt services based solely on public opinion. By terminating their service, we would not actually take their sites offline. Instead, they would be without DDoS protection for a short period of time until they found another service that would harbor them. This logic did not add up for us”, Lyon added. He would not elaborate on how long WBC has sought the services of Black Lotus, but stated, “they did not come to us because of any one specific attack.”

Lyon didn’t state how much revenue is made from WBC, but he added the amount they receive “from WBC is very small.” As a result, Lyon says the company will “actually make donations well in excess” of the fees WBC pays. “These donations will be in the thousands [of dollars], but we’ve not come to a final decision on the exact amounts”, he added. According to Lyon, WBC is aware of the company’s intentions.

“We made it clear that while they have a right to expression, we have a social responsibility [to] ensure our services benefit society and to aid those in need”, said Lyon. Wikinews has contacted the WBC for a statement, but as of this report, no response has been received.

For now, Lyon states only revenue received from the WBC will be considered for donation, but they hope the project can be expanded to include other customers. “While we’re attributing this specific decision to WBC, our long term plan is to expand our philanthropy program to substantially offset any harm that may have been caused by those serving content over our network”, said Lyon. The company hopes to formally announce their decisions in a press release at the end of the week.

Shopping For Men Designer Clothes Online

Shopping for men Designer clothes online


Aalia Bindal

One of the biggest weaknesses of men is designer clothes. Due to increasing demand of men designer shoes, there are various brands and kinds of men s clothing that are in vogue today. However purchasing reasonable priced men designer clothes in shopping malls have become a difficult task. The best place to shop reasonable priced men designer clothes is online. There are plenty of online stores in India that sells men s designer clothes. There are plenty of stores on internet that have an unbelievable range of men s clothing to pick from.

Buying designer clothes online is a great way to find the styles you wants at a price that works for your budget. Due to an even increasing number of online clothes stores, the competition between them in increasing this makes for great shopping bargains. You can shop men designer clothes for the best deal without leaving your home. Most of the conventional stores have higher labor and operating costs than online stores and that costs are passed on to the shoppers. This increases the prices of the clothes sold by traditional shop retailers. Shopping online for clothes will amaze you at the bargains. When shopping online you can make use of online discount coupons and promotional offers that most of the online stores often provide to their customers.

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Online shopping offers great convenience to the potential shoppers. There you can shop clothes 24 hours a day. Online stores never close so they accept all day long. You can go online at anytime of the day and start shopping.

In case you have decided to buy designer

t-shirts for men


shirts for men

online then you can visit It is one of the renowned online shopping stores that have a wide assortment of options in t-shirts for men and shirts for men. The store features t-shirts and shirts for men of Giordano brand. Along with men s clothing, it stocks various other products like apparel for women and kids, watches, handbags, footwear, cosmetics, sunglasses and accessories. The products available here are of some of reputed brands. The high end fashion brands available here are Quicksilver, Just For Kids, Giordano, Mango, Inglot, Polar, Qup Accessories, M- Square, Replay, Park Avenue, Nine West, Opium, Queue Up, Queue Up, B: Kind and Provogue. The major benefit of shopping designer products at this store is that your purchases will be delivered at your doorstep free of shipping charges and many other offers like warranty, return etc.

Aalia Bindal is a famous writer for online shopping. She has written many articles on

Online Shopping in India

, Inglot body sparkles, skin care products, Nine west shoes, buy shoes online,

online clothes shopping

and many more in India.

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Belgian men’s goalball team departs for Finland for World Championships

Thursday, June 26, 2014 

This morning European time, the Belgium men’s national goalball team departed for Espoo, Finland for the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships. The championship is the biggest competition since the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

The team is scheduled to play their opening game on the morning of June 30 against Brazil men’s national goalball team. They are scheduled to play their second game of pool play against Turkey men’s national goalball team later that afternoon. Their remaining games in pool play are against Canada, Lithuania, Egypt, China and Japan.

The members of the team are Bruno Vanhove, Tom Vanhove, Klison Mapreni, Youssef Bihi, Wassime Amnir and Glenn Van Thournout. They are coached by Jean Claude Meulemans and Werner Van Thournout. 30-year-old teammates Bruno and Tom Vanhove are sextuplet brothers, who have been part of the national goalball program for about ten years. Three of the sextuplets, including Bruno and Tom, are visually impaired. When playing, Bruno can throw the ball at speeds of up to 60 km/hour, while Tom can throw the ball at just under 55 km/hour.

Last month, with all but one of the same roster scheduled to compete at the World Championships, the national team competed at the Belgian-hosted Parantee Paralympic Championships. They lost to Algeria 7–11, defeated Russia 11–5, lost to the United States 3–13, defeated the Netherlands 10–5, narrowly lost to Finland 5–6, and lost to Lithuania 6–13.

Goalball was created in 1946, exclusively for people with a visual disability and designed to help with the rehabilitation of veterans returning from World War II. Play in the Paralympics consists of two twelve-minute periods, with a three minute break between halves. Players are blindfolded to ensure all are equally visually handicapped on-court, and the game can be stopped to ensure goggles are properly fitted. Standing in front of a long goal, they throw the ball at the opposition team’s net who in turn try to block it by listening to the ball, which contains a bell, and using their bodies to prevent the ball from going in. The audience is asked to remain silent during play.